A Guide To Moving Home During The Pandemic 

 November 8, 2020

The pandemic of 2020 has had many people scared for their health and that of their loved ones. You may be worrying if you have a house move looming. However, there are things that you can do to mitigate the circumstances, whether you move your furniture yourself, or use a professional service.


Get Prepared


Whether you are moving your possessions yourself or using a professional service to relocate, you will first want to get everything that you need in advance. If you are moving and doing the job yourself, you are going to have to purchase new moving boxes, as well as plenty of packing material, tape, marker pens, and maybe a hand truck to help you move heavy loads. You are also going to need plenty of facemasks, gloves, hand sanitiser, and cleaning products, whether you move your furniture yourself or choose the best removalists Brisbane has to offer.


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Have A Thorough Clean


You will want to clean and sanitise as much as you can in your home before you start to move, or the removal company comes to pack up. You will want to clean all the services thoroughly including floors, carpets, light switches, plugs, power cords, and anything else which may be picked up and packed. When you use a professional removal company the pandemic, they will be wearing safety masks and gloves and social distance rules will be adhered where possible, but you will still want to clean your home before they arrive.


Packing Up


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Packing Up

Packing Up


If you are using professional removalists to relocate the contents of your home, then all you need to do is stand back and watch as they clear each room much quicker than you would. However, if you are doing the job yourself, you will want to start early and label all the boxes carefully, so you know the contents inside, and doing so will make unpacking a much simpler task. Go through each room, one at a time and clear it of its contents, starting with the kitchen which usually has the most to pack. When lifting making sure that you use your legs rather than your back, and if you can get a trolley, it will help the move go much more straightforward.


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Arriving At Your New Home


When you do the move yourself, you will still need to unpack when you arrive, and you may also need to clean your new home before you start that. Make sure that your home is nice and clean and use dust sheets if you have them available, so shoes do not traipse dirt and mud inside. Take each box and piece of furniture to their new home and unpack everything in their new spaces. However, if you use a professional company to relocate your home, you get to instruct where each item should be taken without you having to do any of the hard work.


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Arriving At Your New Home

Arriving At Your New Home


Whether you relocate home yourself or use a professional, make sure you follow the recommended advice and guidelines. You must wear the correct safety equipment, follow social distancing guidelines, and wash your hands. Don’t let your move to your new home be ruined by the global pandemic.

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