An Essential Guide to Drive The Car Safely on The Roads of The UK 

 May 7, 2018

Driving on the roads of Britain is risky if you are new to the country. Not only , pedestrians also face some problems here. If you come from the place that drives on the right-hand side then it is better to not drive on the busy roads at first.

When you rent the car, take it to the empty roads and keep it on your left. It will take some time but you will soon get used to it. Also, if it is about the country roads which makes half of the total road length in the UK, they are very dangerous. So, you need to talk to the people there for the driving tips so that you survive these roads while driving to the places here without getting yourself in trouble. The careless and speedy motorists can also cause problems to the car drivers with their speed issues. Let’s have a look at how to drive safely on the roads of UK.

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Distance Matters The Most

It is important to keep distance around the car. According to the estimates, the accidents that happen more often are basically due to rear-end collisions. So, it is better to make spaces all around you whether it is at the back or at the front to prevent accidents.

Brake lights will surely help in providing signals to the drivers at the back of your car. This tells them to slow down well in advance. Do not forget to keep space on the sides of the car. Also, take special attention if you have a truck by your side.

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Take Care of The Walkers While Driving

It is the duty of the drivers to pay attention to the pedestrians as well so that the accidents can be prevented. The UK has two types of crossings which include pelican and zebra.

  • The zebra crossing which is found on the roads of every country tells the walkers to walk before the vehicles stop. This was also taught us in our schools, right?
  • The pelican ones are majorly used on the heavily busy roads which often experience more than normal traffic. Here the vehicles are stopped with the help of traffic lights for the pedestrians to cross the roads.
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An Automatic Transmission is What You are Looking For

The Britons usually drive a manual transmission or standard transmission. They come cheap. But if you are planning to rent a car there, make it sure you ask for the automatic ones for your own good. If not you can also take a lesson or two in the standard shift car. This will surely save you money in future.

Do You Have Allergies?

The allergy from dust and pollen can be very dangerous for the drivers in England. Such an allergy is also known as Hay fever. The medication for this affects the vision of the drivers and will make them drowsy. This can cause severe damages.

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That is why consult the doctor and also check the labels of the tablets before you get back on the streets with your vehicle.

If You are a Tourist, Use Public Transport!

In case you do not wish to waste your time in traffic and busy roads, then it is better to not drive at all. This is a quick and better option. You are going to reach the destination in no time and all the risks of driving will be eradicated this way. Isn’t it simple?

Check Your Car Before You Start

It is better to check the parts of the car before driving. It will take some time but as it is said better late than never. Is it serviced? If yes then you can drive them as it will not cause accidents due to the vehicle faults. The smooth running of your vehicle will be good for the person driving the car and everyone around.

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If the vehicle is not serviced and you still take it on the roads then it is a risky job. Get in contact with the car service stations online and book an affordable appointment with them. Express Of Walton Limited will help you in matters of your car. Visit their website or call them for the necessary actions.

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