Best Pokémon Go game Map shortcut – PokeZZ, Pokemap 

 August 16, 2017

Pokémon Go is a very popular smartphone game for all. Presently this game has reached a very high position in terms of its features and levels. But by default, we can’t able to get the extra features on Pokémon Go game. In this game, to find out the Pokémon you need to change your location and must need to have a map. So there are many map shortcuts available for Pokémon Go to add the Map. Between that, we are going to tell you about Best Pokémon Go game Map shortcut-PokeZZ, Pokemap.


These PokeZZ and Pokemap are two most popular and needful location finder or you can say that Map shortcut for Pokémon Go. Here we will talk about the details to download, install and make the working of PokeZZ as well as Pokemap. These are all the customised features of the Pokémon Go game which you must need to attach for making this game more interesting than earlier. Besides that, we will also discuss the features which we are provided by these two shortcuts PokeZZ and Pokemap in Pokémon Go. Let’s start to discuss these map shortcuts on the context below.

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Best Pokémon Go game Map shortcut- ‘PokeZZ’:

If you love Pokémon Go game then you must need the Map shortcut to find the exact location of the Pokémon’s. For performing such operations you must need to have the hack tool name PokeZZ. Now we will talk about the PokeZZ which is the best location tracking tools for the Pokémon Go. By default user will not get this feature in the Pokémon Go game. So you all need to get the install this feature externally to customise the Pokémon game. This is one of the best sources to find or track the Pokémon Balls in a very ease. Also, you can say that it is a cheat for adding an extra feature in this game.

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Features of PokeZZ:

Some of the best features provided by the PokeZZ are given in the points below. Have a look at these points and get know about PokeZZ more clearly.

  1. By installing this hack your phone will start working as radar. It will automatically inform you if any Pokémon is available near-by you.
  2. You can get notification filtering option such that you will get disturbed every time by getting unnecessary notification alerts.
  3. It also works as online Pokémon finding tools in the Pokémon Go game.
  4. With the help of PokeZZ, you need to put only simple effort to find the rarest Pokémon also.
  5. It comes with a very user-friendly interface to track or find the location with the clear map screen.
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How to Download PokeZZ?

Now it is the time to download the PokeZZ and make your Pokémon Go more interesting.  Click on this Download Link to start the download and install the PokeZZ on your phone. When you will click on this link it will redirect you to the download page to get this hack tool on your phone (Android).

But as we know that APK file does not directly get install on Android devices. So you need to enable the Unknown Sources option by Phone Settings->Security->Unknown Sources->Enable. Now click on the file to install it on your device.Hope you all have successfully downloaded and installed this app on your phone. Now feel and take the overall advantage of using the PokeZZ on your Pokémon Go game.

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Best Pokémon Go game Map shortcut- ‘Pokemap’:

The next map shortcut to find the location of Pokémon is Pokemap. This is also a very useful Pokémon location tracker for your Pokémon Go game. All the actual locations of the entire Pokémon are available through this map. So you can easily get this hack tool on your game to get the Pokemon more than your friends without wasting time. This is a type of cheat which brings you a customisation part in your game ever. Thus it helps to play this Pokemon Go game with Pokemap in a more interesting way than ever.



Features of Pokémon Go Game:

The available key features of Pokémon Go Game are going to discuss on the points below.  Read out all these features and know something more about this tool.

  1. Find the old as well as the new Pokémon using this app from any location of this game.
  2. Find out the special and rare Pokémon by the filter in your needful ways.
  3. It also uses your GPS location and tracks the possible Pokémon available nearby you.
  4. Users and also generates Pokémon, Gyms and Stop as it is user-oriented app.
  5. This is not an official app by Pokémon Developers so there is no need to update this tool every time.
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How to Download Pokemap?

At last, we are going to discuss the process to download and install Pokemap on your phone. The user needs to click on this Download Link to download the Pokemap on their phone. After clicking on this link, it will get the download on your phone very easily. But as we know that APK file does not directly get install on Android devices. So you need to enable the Unknown Sources option by Phone Settings->Security->Unknown Sources->Enable.  That’s all now open the downloaded Pokemap file and click once to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instruction to precede the installation.

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That’s all about the PokeZZ and Pokemap which is the Best Pokémon Go game Map shortcut ever. If you all are satisfied with the information given in the above context then download any of the map tools for Pokémon Go. We have provided all the links, the procedure as well as the features of every tool which you need to know before using on your phone. So without any hesitation, you can use these map tools for Pokémon Go. Besides these tools, you can also choose Poke Tracker, Poke Find etc.

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