Best video verification for your business or office Alarm System 

 November 9, 2022

Every business owner or manager wants to see what is going on at their place when the alarm system goes off. Still, most alarm systems and video surveillance solutions are not interconnected well.

Since visibility is the goal today, many people make the mistake of replacing their wired alarm system with a wireless solution that has some cameras. Their driver is the desire to see their business and combine alarms with video surveillance they can see with their smartphone. However, there are downsides to that route.

Wireless seems simple to install and safe for their business. Unfortunately, wireless sensors and cameras mainly use the 2.4 GHz 802.11 Wifi band and are very easy to jam with inexpensive 2.4 GHz jammers.

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Crooks can easily buy dedicated equipment to disable WiFi online. Someone that wants to break into a business to get the merchandise or equipment there,  tires, building materials, phones, etc., will come prepared and with modern tools. They will come in a truck to haul their lot and bring tools and equipment to break in. These people today are very likely to include jammers and other devices to disable Wireless cameras and alarm systems in their toolbox. So what is the solution?

Many buildings are prewired and have magnetic contacts on doors and windows the best is to utilize the wired contacts. Often the prior owners did not leave codes or the prior alarm company’s contact information. Still, most alarm companies will be able to factory reset and recycle the alarm system or will reuse the wiring, check, update and replace some sensors and get you back in business. Wired solutions are way safer and can not be jammed or interfered with so easily.  Therefore, we recommend staying wireless and adding a professional video surveillance solution.

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Most important, do not use a solution that uses port forwarding on the router to see cameras since these systems are easily hacked.  The best is to go with a commercial cloud surveillance platform that specializes in connecting to alarm systems. IPTECHVIEW Surveillance is a very easy-to-use system for small and medium-sized businesses that can be installed in minutes and integrates with a selection of cameras, including AXIS, Mobotix, and several NDAA models. The best is that you can start with just one or a few AlarmReady cameras to do video verification of alarms, only to upgrade soon to a full-blown video surveillance platform.

We like the fact that IPTECHVIEW offers several camera options and doesn’t lock in the customer if they choose to cancel their subscriptions.

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A great alternative to ADT, Tyco CloudVue, or similar

IPTECHVIEW Cloud Video Surveillance is a new solution where business owners can easily add one or several cameras. These will detect if an Alarm goes off and immediately let the owners or managers do video verification. It is easy to expand a system of just a couple of cameras to do video verification of alarms to a full-blown top-of-line video surveillance system. The best part is this system can be purchased and installed through your local installer or IT company. Call them and ask them to signup to become local IPTECHPARTNER.


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