Digital Marketing Trends that Will Help Grow Your Business 

 February 21, 2021

Digital marketing strategies are evolving at a fast pace, and organizations and marketers need to be innovative and creative to keep up with the trends.


Paraphrasing Charles Darwin, the strongest and the most intelligent in a species, are not survivors; but those who are most adaptable to change survive.


Ten years ago, topics such as artificial intelligence and data-driven marketing were science fiction. But these marketing trends are now the top priorities for most businesses today. Therefore, to stay competitive in the modern digital landscape, businesses must adopt advancements and evolving changes in digital marketing.


Below are a few major trends that will help grow your business not only for survival but also to thrive in the current digital marketing arena.


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Creating and establishing authentic human connections


establishing authentic human connections

establishing authentic human connections


The connectivity to actual humans is critical in the modern digital world. Everyone is turning to technology to bridge the gap left by the lack of quality time with colleagues, family, and friends.


Your customers are looking for more human-centric organizations and avoiding companies that do not offer an authentic connection. Over 70 percent appreciate digital innovations that help deepen their connections with others.


As a marketer or business owner, capitalize on this opportunity. This means developing actual relationships with your customers.


Consider starting with the re-evaluation of your business’ values, operations, and mission. The value system keeps your business going. Once your values align with those of your customers, you can connect with their emotions and identify their actions—leading to deeper connections.


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An excellent way to grow your business with digital marketing is by bringing the human values of your business into your marketing strategies. Doing this equips you with the tools to address customer needs authentically and effectively.


Consider building these powerful connections and loyalty through:


  • Thinking of your business entity as a human entity


  • Identification of the customers’ core values


  • Mirroring the values with those of your business


Optimize content for search intent


Search intent is the reason behind people turning to search engines for answers. It is a goal they are trying to accomplish. Most searchers online are looking to learn more about something, looking to take action, or trying to find something they need.


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Search intent optimization is a critical SEO and content marketing strategy today. Working with a digital marketing agency, your goal must be to offer solutions to problems using relevant content. The result is:


  • A boost in brand awareness


  • Better retention of customers


  • Driving conversions


  • Remaining relevant to your core audience


The basic search intents are:


  • For information—The user enters a query and expects an answer that’s direct to the solution


  • For navigation—This searcher is looking for directions to a landing page or website


  • For commercial investigation—These are searchers that carry out as much research as they can before they purchase a product or service


  • For transactions—A user who wants to purchase a service or product


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You can satisfy these search users by providing what they want when they want it, and where they are most comfortable consuming the information.


Growth of hyper-local marketing


Local marketing as a concept to grow your business is not a new concept.


Some of the biggest brands globally recognize the value of marketing message customization at the local level. Google and other search engines are improving their ability to serve up local businesses, whether the searcher is looking for a cup of coffee or a house.


Geolocation services are likely to step things up a bit. Over 94 percent of marketers are planning to use location data in their marketing strategies—and for good reason.


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Virtually everyone has a smartphone which makes it easy to target them with marketing messages as soon as they are detected to be a certain distance from a business. Local business digital marketing provides an opportunity to deliver personalized messages to a specific set of individuals that are more likely to purchase. Such strategies can help reduce your overall marketing spend.


Forming innovative partnerships





Entering innovative partnerships with professionals is another way to amplify the customer experience.


As the competitive landscape gets hotter, the successful business is the one that knows how to harness digital marketing power. Whether you are new to this or just looking to revamp a current campaign, you can grow your business with us.


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A good digital marketing service provider should bring to the table:


  • Excellent people—The best agencies have a great team with expertise in various fields. These include web design, programming, copywriting, SEO, analytics, and more.


  • Great communication—An agency views you as a true partner and maintains an open line of communication for regular updates of work being done and results achieved


  • Flexibility—Digital marketing is continuously transforming, so it’s critical to partner with a service provider that is agile and capable of getting in front of these trends and more.


  • The ability to execute—This ensures long-term success for your business.


  • Creativity—Original and fresh ideas set your campaigns apart. You need a trendsetting partner who uses innovative thinking in your SEO campaigns and website design.


  • Understands KPIs—Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable success metrics. They provide specific numbers to gauging the effectiveness and performance of campaigns. Such KPIs include time online users spend on your site, the bounce rate, the traffic source metrics, and the number of unique visitors.


  • Strong leadership—Strong teams require powerful leaders. It is supercritical that the service provider has a leader who makes sure that plans are followed and works at creating the way forward by creating more opportunities.


  • Transparent billing—Trustworthy providers are upfront about charges and ensure the billing process is as simple as possible so you know what you are getting and at what rate.


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Find a digital marketing provider you can trust


The right agency not only helps grow your business, but they are dedicated to providing you with timely and relevant tips to make your corner of the internet world shine. Such an agency will also help you navigate past setbacks and pitfalls that come with digital marketing today and in the future.


Keeping up with business growth trends is difficult. Make sure you check out our blogs for more information on how you can do this.

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