How Do Electronic Access Control Systems Secure Your Business? 

 May 30, 2021

Keeping your business and its assets safe should be a top priority. Electronic access control systems can help do this by controlling entry onto your business premises.


The devices and digital networks that are part of the system are designed to optimize authorization and detection, so only authorized personnel may access your building. Access can be limited to certain areas if you wish by configuring the system. For example, certain parts of your premises can be opened or closed depending on the time of day.


Covid-19 has increased the demand for safe entry options as well as security systems that are touch-free. Today we will discuss what electronic access control systems are and how they can help protect your most valuable assets and employees from unauthorized people.


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The Basics


Electronic access systems consist of top of the line devices and networks that detect and authenticate the entry of a client or employee onto your premises.


The electronic access control system also includes automation features that provide access and security services that are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conventional security measures are simply not enough in today’s world. Log-in details are paired with leading edge locks in order to offer additional protection to business owners.


In order to optimize monitoring and security, additional steps must be taken. An electronic access management system will control who can enter your premises. It will also control where they can go when they are there, only allowing designated members of staff to be in specific areas.


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Electronic door control devices are installed as part of the system. A reader on the door will allow for authorized personnel to enter a secure location using either a magnetic stripe or card.


Why Businesses Need Electronic Access Control Systems


Arguably the most important reason why a business needs to implement an electronic access control system into their office is to control accessibility. The pandemic has helped stress the need for security in today’s business world.


Your organisation can monitor each and every person who enters and leaves your premises. You can also control access to specific areas with a few quick button prompts. Proper accessibility control is a requirement if you want to prevent unauthorized activity from taking place inside your building or office.


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Multi-location access is also another benefit of implementing an electronic access control system. If you own multiple facilities or buildings then you will be able to control access across each location using the electronic access control system.


Employees will be able to safely move from one location to the next and an electronic access control system removes the need for many physical keys in order to access different rooms or buildings.


The rekeying of doors is also an issue that many conventional offices face. Having to rekey a door every time a key goes missing can be very costly and time-consuming. Such an issue becomes non-existent when you integrate electronic access control systems into your security measures.


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You can also improve tracking with your electronic access control system. For example, you can improve the time tracking of workers. You will receive additional information about where and when employees access specific rooms in your office or building.


In addition, you can reduce your energy costs by installing an electronic access control system. For instance, you can automate heat, lights, doors and more in your office or building in order to reduce your energy costs.


Components of Electronic Access Control Systems


An electronic access control system consists of access control software and hardware, a reader, an electronic lock and a control panel.


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Any barrier that can be regulated and monitored electronically can be used as an access point in your building. Access can be controlled at cabinet doors or windows for all the doors on your premises. Double doors, elevators and parking gates can also serve as access control points if you wish.


As for credentials, they may include a passcode, PIN, access badge and/or keycard. Some cutting-edge systems also offer biometric measures, which may include eye and/or fingerprint scans. However, most systems will use RFID cards as they have the advantage of being able to be used at a distance.


There are many credential readers to choose from. You can opt for a card reader that utilizes an FOB, or a code-entry based keypad. Biometric readers and smart devices are also options that may be available to you.


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Facial recognition and palm geometry based biometric access control is essentially a must for high-risk premises that handle sensitive data and assets. The card reader uses a sensor that will activate when the appropriate access card is used. As for the electronic access control panel, it is usually situated near the reader itself.


In some cases, it may be set in a remote location that is operated from a tablet, computer or smartphone. The panel will communicate with your reader and will connect all of the components that are found within its framework


The control panel can store data that can be accessed at a later date if needed. The panel will also manage the operation and store all authorized credentials. Plus, it is responsible for making all process decisions.


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The controllers are all connected to a state of the art common network. They will provide your business with optimal tracking and accelerated speed. You can also make changes to the credentials remotely if you wish. Data is transmitted very quickly, and the controllers can be used in large companies if needed.


More administrator control is granted via controllers, so they can be especially beneficial to very large organizations.


Better Safe…


Electronic access control systems have many benefits. If you have many valuable assets that need to be protected, or are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your employees and clients, then an electronic access control system could be the solution.


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Emily Tracey is a content writer from Toronto. She is a Community Manager at Protection Plus and other small businesses across Canada. She likes to research various topics related to finance and technology/security.


Electronic Access Control Systems Secure Your Business

Electronic Access Control Systems Secure Your Business

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