Precast Concrete Installation Better Alternative Than Pouring Concrete 

 January 14, 2019

Precast concrete was first seen in 1950 and because of the speed and ease of use it quickly took over the market. Precast concrete is a construction material which is produced by casting the concrete in reusable mold or form which can be later cured in any controlled environment or transported to the construction site and lifted into the place. Whereas with standard concrete it must be poured into the site-specific forms and cured on the site itself.


The precast concrete installation can be done in residential applications as well as in commercial constructions as well.


Uses of Precast Concrete


  • The precast concrete panels are used for architectural applications, differing in size, function, and cost.


  • They are also used to cover all or part of the building frontages or free-standing walls that are used for landscaping.


  • They can be used in constructing of storm water drainage, water and sewage pipes, and tunnels.


  • They can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom walls or form a concrete living room in the basement or creating another home level.


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Advantages of Precast Concrete


  • Precast concrete products can be used within the exterior as well as interior walls.


  • Producing precast products in a controlled environment is an affordable option.


  • Precast concrete production can be performed on the ground level which provides safety throughout the project to the employees.


  • One can have greater control over the quality of the product and workmanship in the precast plant compared to the construction on site.


  • The forms or molds are reusable and hence can be used hundreds of times before they are required to be replaced hence it is cheaper than the onsite casting.


  • The precast concrete walls are pre-insulated walls and further can be insulated if it is a requirement as per the climatic conditions of the location site.


  • The precast concrete installation protects your home from infection from molds and mildew spores and also from severe storms and adverse weather conditions.


  • The precast concrete installation can be done throughout the home by using a variety of different casts in various shapes. You can shape them according to your need and requirement in the precast plant itself and thus facilitates easy installation at location site during fitting.


  • You can make your home more pleasing aesthetically with the choice of your color as well as finish. You are not liable to have your walls to be plain and boring.


  • Above all, the cost of the precast concrete installation is inexpensive compared to the poured concrete walls.


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Precast Concrete InstallationPrecast Concrete Installation


Steps for Precast Concrete Installation


  • Planning before using the precast concrete walls in important.


  • Get appropriate permits before installing precast concrete walls. Submit the plans to the city and obtain proper permits for installing the walls, and for using a crane.


  • 8 to 12 inches of the compacted grave base is required for installing proper base beneath each wall. However, it is not essential to have a concrete base for precast concrete walls.


  • With the help of crane set the first wall into place.


  • Further, set next wall which should form a 90-degree angle to the first Pre-set holes are provided by the manufacturer which allows for bolts to hold them in place tightly. Similarly, fit all the wall panels.


  • Finally, seal and protect the investment. A waterproof sealer is always better compared to the typical tar coat. This is because it will prevent moisture from seeping into your home through concrete panels.


  • Once you have installed the precast walls, you can precede with the installation of the floor joists and backfill the walls.


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Because of so many advantages, Precast Concrete is today a popular construction material for all kind of constructions.

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