The New Mapka Application Reveals landowners Quickly And Easily 

 February 8, 2022

  • Mapka is a handy tool that facilitates access to information from the cadastre. People, but also municipalities and developers will appreciate the new map portal Mapka made available by the Office of Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre of the world. It is a web, but also a mobile application, which is an interactive form that allows you to quickly and easily browse and obtain data from the information system of the real estate cadastre.
  • Without the provision of offices, which naturally lasts a certain time, there is an immediate database of updated data for anyone who needs to know to whom the land is owned, including co-ownership, the applicant also conveniently finds out the area and type of land. They will find out if and what legal relationships are based on the property. Possible trustees and tenants of the land are also listed on the title deed.
  • In addition to displaying information from the Real Estate Cadastre, Mapka displays this information with an optional add-on combination of other spatially oriented data, such as data from the geographic information system base database, address points, orthophotos and map data, and satellite imagery from Esri. “The application was created on the basis of ever-increasing public demand for data from the real estate cadastre. Its great advantage is also that it allows searching and retrieval of data from the information system of the Real Estate Cadastre on all operating system platforms and in all commonly available web browsers. Of course, the data obtained are of an informative nature, they are not used for legal purposes, “.
  • The preparation of the application took 6 months and is fully paid from the budget of the Office of Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre of the areas. Currently, the data is updated on a weekly basis, after the full operation of the application, the data will be updated daily.
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